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Athletics and Fitness Education

Satisfied Clients

Satisfied Clients

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Why Train with us?

We have 17 years experience specifically working with athletes

Our programs will not interfere with your regular sports activities

We understand the development process from the youth level all the way to the NCAA level


Why not go to a big commercial gym and hire a personal trainer?

Athletes should work with an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, not a personal trainer

Many personal trainers have very little experience working with athletes

Athletes, especially young athletes, must be trained very differently than adults

We have far more TEACHING EXPERIENCE, which is critical with young athletes



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We Specialize in Athletes

We will work within your schedule, and accommodate any group size!!!

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Science Tested Athletic Consulting



"Hire a true professional.  Most personal trainers have no college degree in the field of exercise.   Don't trust a certification that can be attained over the weekend.  Many personal trainers are simply exercise enthusiasts disguised as exercise professionals.  Matt Rogers has over 16 years experience training clients and a wealth of formal education and training in the field of exercise and nutrition. We do not employ sleazy sales tactics like so many other mainstream fitness businesses.  Trust STATHCON to give the most enjoyable VIP Concierge level service you have ever experienced."


Hire a True Professional.  NSCA-CSCS Certified



"Hire a True Pro"

Training Facility


A state of the art training facility with a turf field for conditioning work and plenty of athletic and strength equipment not available at your typical “gym”.



VIP Concierge In-Home Fitness


Huma from Manhattan

“Starting out, my husband and I had specific concerns and goals that we wanted to meet by the end of our targeted time. Husband had lower back pain so Matt made him do special stretches and weight exercises to help with that. I had postural concerns which, by the end, I felt were improved quiet a bit and my upper back and shoulder area became stronger. I also asked Matt to add ab exercises.”



VIP Concierge Mobile Fitness


Sarah from Nassau

I can't say enough about Matt.  I've struggled with back and knee injuries for years and he has been motivational, optimistic and determined to help me reach my goals every step of the way.  Every day he comes in with a personalized plan and even a back-up plan if certain exercises start to cause me pain.  There is never a day that he says "well I guess there's nothing we can do" or wastes time trying to come up with an alternative.  He is always very well prepared and constantly looks for ways to help me get stronger.  He is flexible in terms of when and where he can meet (he's even willing to work outside in the pouring rain), personable, kind, and clearly very knowledgeable through his education and personal experience.



NCAA Athletes


Ally from Queens

"I have loved the process and results I have gained from my once a week training. I feel stronger in sports and am more confident about myself. He is also great for helping me with my weak spots and learning proper stretches."



Track and Field 


Rhea from Long Island

“It helped me to understand which muscles are weaker than others and what specifically I need to build and pay more attention to, particularly my chest muscles, shoulders and hip flexors.  The exercises to help strengthen these areas have helped me to obtain a better strength balance throughout my body and remain balanced and in control when I do the exercises.”





Paulette from Queens

“Matt Rogers trained me for three triathlons over a number of years.  He is an excellent trainer, and knowledgeable about all aspects of sports training.  He knows when to push hard and when you should recover.  He is very motivating and has a lot of patience.  He also integrates other disciplines into the workouts such as Yoga and Pilates.  I highly recommend Matt Rogers!”





Student Athlete Conference

An educational experience for Student Athletes, Parents and Coaches including seminars on Nutrition, NCAA Recruiting, and Training.





Syosset Health Fair

We have been volunteering at the Syosset High School Health Fair since 2008.  We have presented topics such as nutrition and healthy lifestyle.


Hewlett Health Fair

We presented a lecture on healthy eating to students at Hewlett High School.





Eva from Queens

“Training and the Functional Evaluation has helped me because I found out that I need to work on my squat technique.  I learned about recovery and to always eat after exercising. I enjoy how everything has paid off in my performance.   It has helped me extend my muscle capacity and improve times in swimming.”



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STATHCON discovers major mistakes in national publication!!!  The fitness industry is full of uneducated "EXPERTS".  HIRE A TRUE PROFESSIONAL.



STATHCON volunteers at Syosset High School Health Fair.  Matt Rogers has been volunteering at this event since 2008.


FREE SEMINARS - Science Tested Athletics offers FREE Seminars CHECK IT OUT!

We are happy to announce that Matt Rogers has received his Graduate Certificate in Athletic Administration.  This accomplishment comes as he is well on his way to a Master's Degree in Sports Management.


Student Athlete Conference 2015 was a Success.  Thanks for all who participated!



 STATHCON visits the Syosset High School Health Fair 2015